trade-weighted index

trade-weighted index
trade-weighted index trade-weighted index index1

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  • Trade weighted index — The Trade Weighted Index, also known as the effective exchange rate, is a multilateral real exchange rate which is a weighted average of real exchange rates of home and foreign currencies, with the weight for each foreign country equal to its… …   Wikipedia

  • trade-weighted index — /treɪd ˌweɪtɪd ɪndeks/ noun an index of the value of a currency calculated against a basket of currencies …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • trade-weighted index — /treɪd weɪtəd ˈɪndɛks/ (say trayd waytuhd indeks) noun a calculated figure that gives an indication of movements in the average value of the Australian dollar against the currencies of our main trading partners. Abbrev.: TWI …  

  • trade-weighted — UK US adjective ECONOMICS, FINANCE, COMMERCE ► used to describe the value of a country s currency in relation to its exports to other countries. When the value of a country s currency increases, its exports become more expensive in other… …   Financial and business terms

  • weighted index — An index where the impact of each of the index constituents is weighted, usually by reference to the market value of each constituents. To give a simple illustration, an index of two companies, where the first company has a total market… …   Financial and business terms

  • Trade Weighted US Dollar Index — Der Trade Weighted US Dollar Index (auch bekannt als „The Broad Index“) ist eine Kennzahl, welche den Wert des US Dollars mittels eines Währungskorbs aus 26 Währungen vergleicht. Der Index ist der handelsgewichtete Durchschnitt im Vergleich zu… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Trade Weighted US dollar Index — The Trade Weighted US dollar Index, also known as the broad index, is a measure of the value of the US Dollar relative to other world currencies. It is similar to the US Dollar Index in that its numerical value is determined as a weighted average …   Wikipedia

  • Trade Weighted —    Used in reference to foreign exchange rates, with currency movements weighted in accordance with their importance in a country s trade. This trade weighting is then formulated in an index …   Financial and business terms

  • Trade-Weighted Dollar — A representation of the foreign currency price of the U.S. dollar or the export value of the U.S. dollar. When this index increases, the value of the dollar increases, making it easier for Americans to afford imports. However, an increase in the… …   Investment dictionary

  • index — A specialized average. Stock indexes may be calculated by establishing a base against which the current value of the stocks, commodities, bonds, etc., will change; for example, the S&P 500 index uses the 1941 1943 market value of the 500 stocks… …   Financial and business terms

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